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Recent Launch News
Chinese Quantum Satellite Passes Muster, Now Let's Make a Hack-Proof Communications Network
Micius can only conduct quantum communication in the Earth' s shadow; that is to say, it can only work at night to avoid interference from sunlight.
Russia's Possible Launch Delay of Amazons-5 Due to Manufacturer's Late Shipment
It's the domino effect ... when one issue causes a delay it is passed along, and it could mean the delay of the launch of the Amazons-5 satellite.
SpaceX's Successful Launch Makes it a Dozen for NASA's ISS Commercial Resupply Mission
Resupply missions are celebrated when craving a favorite snack or just the need of a basic necessity, but you can't hop in your car and go to the store.
Go For Launch! — Team DASA from Deerfield, Illinois, Win ISS Flight Launch for Their Experiment
Higher Orbits Go For Launch! provided students access to former astronauts, former ISS and Space Shuttle controllers, astronaut instructors...
JAXA's Disappointing Series of Scrubs of Michibiki No. 3 Satellite
H-IIA F35 launch was originally scheduled on August 12, 2017 but has been cancelled due to ...
Virgin Orbit and SITAEL - LauncherOne to Inject μHETsat into Orbit
This tech demo of a new propulsion system for the two space agencies was developed by the largest, privately-owned space company in Italy —  SITAEL...
Space Systems Loral + HISPASAT - Amazonas 5's Safe Arrival for ILS Launch
Amazonas 5 possesses 34 Ka-band spot beams and 24 Ku-band transponders to be used for broadband Internet services, television...
ISRO - Intent on Building a Spatial Relationship with Africa
ISRO, which created history by launching more than 100 satellites earlier this year, sees immense business opportunities in such endeavors...
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and JAXA - Launch of H-IIA with MICHIBIKI No. 3 is Delayed
The launch vehicle carries the MICHIBIKI No. 3 Quasi-Zenith Satellite System aboard for insertion into Geostationary Orbit.
B2SPACE - High Altitude Launch System for Smallsats
B2SPACE claims they will be able to improve the current rocket launching technology to provide smallsat providers with low cost access to space...
Clyde Space Literally Takes It Up a Notch Building an Out-of-this-World Continuous Communications Network
is similar to the telecoms industry, to connect and provide communications services to multiple users simultaneously at competitive prices. 
NASA's Mission Closer to Identifying 20,000 Extrasolar Planets as MIT's Four Cameras Pass Muster 
"The TESS four-camera ensemble instantaneously views a section of sky that is more than 20 times greater than that for the Kepler mission ..."
SES Says Encore as They Re-Use SpaceX's Falcon 9 to Launch EchoStar 105
SES will participate in a recycle program. This isn't with plastic water bottles
Rocket Lab - 'It's A Test' Post-Flight Analysis Completed
Rocket Lab’s investigation team determined the launch, named ‘It’s a Test,’ was terminated due to a data loss time out, which was caused by...
Surrey Satellite Technology and In-Space Missions — Rides to LEO at Ultra-Low Cost
The on orbit demonstration Faraday missions will offer ultra-low cost prices for a ride to LEO starting at $12,000...
Space Systems Loral - BSAT-4a Satellite Now Resident In Kourou For Launch
BSAT-4a has 24 Ku-band transponders and will expand the availability of advanced television services such as HD and 4K/8K ultra-high definition (UHD)...
Dawn of a Nordic God and a New Day for CubeSat Launch
Although the team believes it ultimately will succeed in its pathfinding mission, the road to launch wasn’t always smooth.
Vector - An Achievement Of Lofty Proportion + A New Vice President
The launch is also a first from Georgia’s Spaceport Camden. In the 1960's, this site was a NASA static test fire site for solid state rockets...
Arianespace - Two Satellites Punch Their Way To Orbit Via Vega Exertion
Lifting off from the Spaceport’s SLV launch complex at precisely 10:58:33 p.m. French Guiana time on August 1, Vega lofted its multi-passenger...
OHB Italia - The OPTSAT-3000 Push From Kourou
Space technology group OHB SE’s Italian subsidiary, OHB Italia, was responsible for the launch contract with VEGA and the associated...