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Recent Launch News
IDS Africa Signs on with Spacecom for AMOS-17 Satellite Broadcast Services
The satellite is scheduled to be launched to its 17°E orbital position in August of 2019. IDS Africa will use the satellite to broadcast Channels TV...
50 Years Ago: The Journey to the Moon Begins | NASA
They then placed their spacecraft in the Passive Thermal Control or barbecue mode, rotating at three revolutions per hour, to evenly distribute temperature extremes.
SpaceX's UPDATE: In-Flight Abort Static Fire Test Anomaly Investigation
The failure of the titanium component in a high-pressure NTO environment was sufficient to cause ignition of the check valve and led to an explosion.
ISRO's Technical Glitch "A Snag" Scrubs Chandrayaan 2 Launch
The mission was aimed at putting a rover on the moon’s South Pole, where no country has gone before. "The launch is called off due to a snag."
Headed to the Moon this Weekend as ISRO Prepares to Launch Chandrayaan-2 
Have you got plans for the weekend? How about heading to the moon?
ISRO will launch Chandrayaan-2 on board the GSLV MK-III vehicle from 
Russia Launches Four Military Satellites
This was the second launch of the Soyuz-2 carrier rocket from the Plesetsk cosmodrome in 2019...
Arianespace's Fatal Anomaly ... Ends Vega Liftoff of FalconEye1
Data analyses are in progress to clarify the reasons for this failure. An independent inquiry commission will be established during the coming hours...
Successful Rocket Drop Test for Virgin Orbit
LauncherOne was released from a height of 35,000 feet — that is a typical cruising altitude for commercial aeroplanes, which is where it would be...
United Launch Alliance Delays USAF's AEHF-5 Satellite Launch ... Crossover Concern 
AEHF is a joint service satellite communications system that will provide survivable, global, secure, protected, and jam-resistant communications for ...
Social Capital Founder Jumps into Space Race with $800M Investment in Virgin Galactic
The company plans to charge $250,000 to give space tourists about four minutes of weightlessness in the area about 62 miles above sea level that 
Ball Aerospace Sees Green in the Sky ... Successful Small Sat On-Orbit Testing of Green Fuel
The propellant, called AF-M315E, is a Hydroxyl Ammonium Nitrate fuel and oxidizer monopropellant developed by the Air Force Research Laboratory. 
China Planning to Launch an EO Constellation
China Central Television, a state broadcaster, revealed that the AI-controlled constellation is set to be realized by 2021. A total of 192...
Forrester Reports: Amazon's True Plethora of Satellites
Amazon's ‘Project Kuiper’ has already received plenty of speculation, but now the Jeff Bezos-backed business has formally asked...
UPDATE: Arianespace Flight VV15 Launch is Delayed Again
With high-altitude winds above the Spaceport in French Guiana remaining unfavorable, Arianespace has taken the decision not to attempt a launch of...
NSLSat-1 is Launched to Orbit by a Soyuz-2.1b from Vostochny With New Cloth High Speed Antenna
The company is pioneering privately-backed spaceflight and has designed fabric-like, flexible dish antennas that expand in space to offer high-throughput...
NASA Signs On SpaceX to Launch IXPE
The IXPE mission currently is targeted to launch in April of 2021 on a Falcon 9 rocket from Launch Complex 39A in Florida. IXPE will fly three...
Exolaunch Completes 28 Satellite Payload Integration ... Gettin' Ready for July Soyuz Launch 
In total, Exolaunch has contracted and integrated to launch 28 commercial and educational satellites from Germany, France, the USA, Israel, the...
NASA Successfully Tests a System They Hope They Will Never Need to Use ... Orion's Launch Abort System
launch abort system can outrun a speeding rocket and pull astronauts to safety during an emergency launch, an exercise that everyone hopes never happens.
NASA, SMC, and a Peacekeeper Prepare for Flight Test of NASA's Ascent Abort-2 Mission
the launch vehicle, called the Abort Test Booster, powered by a refurbished Peacekeeper intercontinental ballistic missile solid rocket motor. 
Dress Rehearsal for Space and Missile Systems Center's Orion's First Ever Launch Abort System
“Over 50 years ago, a mission manager sat on this console using analog systems and vacuum tubes. Today, I will be using a digital computer system"