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December 12th, 2016

An Inflatable SATCOM GATR Takes Innovative New Product (MIP) Award

Inflatable GATR shown after military parachute jump.

This company has taken an award that sets them apart from their competition, but then they really approach their product differently... their satellite communications antenna systems are inflatable, making them the only provider of inflatable satellite communication (SATCOM) antenna solutions. GATR Technologies (GATR), a subsidy of the Cubic Corporation, has received the Most Innovative New Product (MIP) Award in the Defense, Transportation and Cybersecurity category at the 2016 CONNECT MIP Awards that took place at an awards ceremony on December 1, in San Diego. Because of the inflatable antenna technology there are operational and affordability advantages as the antennas are designed for extreme portability, reliability and ease of setup, even in extreme environments.

The antennas can be air dropped to a military unit or transported as commercial baggage, which is a competitive edge that supports the effectiveness of expeditionary missions. With GATR’s portable antennas, customers can now set up communication in less than 60 minutes, without the need of special tools.

This is the 29th year of the annual awards program that honors San Diego’s leaders of innovation and groundbreaking new products launched in the last year.

Bradley H. Feldmann, president and chief executive officer, Cubic Corporation

“Cubic products have been named CONNECT MIP finalists for five consecutive years and it is an honor to be selected again for this year’s MIP award and we are proud of our GATR team’s efforts in developing this innovative product,” said Bradley H. Feldmann, president and chief executive officer, Cubic Corporation.

“Innovation is the backbone of Cubic and we will continue to focus on technologies to increase competitive advantage and offer best solutions to our customers worldwide.”

The annual MIP Awards is CONNECT’s largest and most prestigious event, attracting more than 700 of the region’s top business leaders, researchers and capital providers.

More than 110 companies competed in the rigorous, four-month judging process, with a total of only ten winners awarded in categories including: Bluetech; Cleantech Sustainability & Energy; Defense Transportation & Cybersecurity; Information Communication Technologies; Life Science Diagnostics & Research Tools; Medical Devices; Pharmaceutical Drugs & Biologic Therapies; Robotics & Unmanned Vehicles; Software Digital Media & Mobile Apps; and Sport & Active Lifestyle Technologies.

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