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Current Satellite News
February 17th, 2020
Arianespace Readies for Tuesday's Heavy-Lift Launch of Japan and Korea's Satellites
This mission is described as 'dedicated to space applications for telecommunications and environment monitoring, Arianespace once again contributes to the improvement of life on Earth'.
A Russian Satellite is Probably Stalking a U.S. Spy Satellite in Orbit
Back in 2017 Russia said its “inspection satellites” were for checking up on Russian satellites to closely examine damage or equipment failure with the intention of using ...
Is Iran Using Space Launches To Develop Long-Range Missiles?
Michael Elleman ... at the International Institute for Strategic Studies think tank in London, agrees that technologies and components of satellite launchers are similar to long-range ballistic missiles.
Israel Homeland Security ... Expect More Powerful GPS Signals
GPS IIIF satellites will boast regional military protection capabilities, which allow them to deliver regionally-limited high-power M-Code signals.
SpaceX's Successful Starlink Launch ... Number Five in a Series
Each of Starlink's large dinner table-size satellites weighs over 500 pounds, the largest single satellite constellation in orbit.
Four BeiDou BDS Now in Operation
The 50th and the 51st BDS satellites, launched on November 23, 2019, are operating in MEO and were developed by the Innovation Academy for ...
MDA's Terminal Between Earth and ISS to Improve Communications, Almost Instant Experiment Results
As a result, UK and European scientists and researchers will be able to see results of their ISS science experiments almost instantaneously.
Blue Origin Opens Huntsville Engine Factory
...at the core of every successful launch vehicle program are the engines that power those vehicles to space.
Japan Offers Malaysia New Frontier in Space Exploration
Japan is ready to take Malaysia to a new frontier in space exploration and technology, via collaborative initiatives.
New Online Store of Septentrio's GPS/GNSS Module Receivers
This web shop is accessible via the Septentrio website, offering customers multi-constellation, multi-frequency, GNSS technology, which provides...
Intersputnik Delivers $300K to Upgrade the Isatcom VSAT Network
This loan will help Isatcom implement a project to update the existing satellite network, offer advanced telecommunications satellite services in...