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August 14th, 2019
First Time Ever, NASA Catches Impressive Shockwaves Bursting out of Sun
An interplanetary shockwave bubbling and bursting out of the Sun has been captured on tape by NASA, for the first time ever. The jaw-dropping footage
Spire Global to Collaborate with Concirrus for Maritime Insurance Analytics
The company recently created Spire Maritime, which closed out 2018 with 160 percent year-over-year revenue growth. The new effort is pushing the...
NASA's Hubble Telescope Snaps Two Galaxies Hurtling Towards Each Other
NASA’S Hubble Space Telescope took this incredible portrait of the galactic duo UGC 2369 hurtling closer and closer to one another – a faith the Milky Way will one day suffer.
Forrester Reports: Viasat-4 Now in the Works
The current plan is to see the first ViaSat-3 (which can handle 1 Terabit/second traffic) launched for service over the US early in 2021, and a...
VORAGO Technologies' Latch-Up IC Grant Award by NASA
The new project to create a radiation-hardened Latch-up protection IC is consistent with VORAGO’s technology expertise and commercial ...
Frost & Sullivan Release Global Space Industry Outlook Analysis for 2019 and Beyond
Frost & Sullivan latest analysis, Global Space Industry Outlook, 2019 and Beyond, explores key questions such as what drives the market? What are...
Putting a Satellite on a Pedestal ... Hiltron's New HMAM-PM Polar Mount Motorized RXO Satellite Antenna
a new member in the Hiltron family of ;motorized antenna pedestals that's affordable and easy to install, and possesses all the remote control capabilities
PPM Systems' Has a New Business Development Manager ... His Experience is in Military/Defense
Paul’s experience is ideally suited to the company’s main markets, which are in the government and military/defense sectors.