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June 12th, 2019
Another Successful SpaceX Launch ... Canada's RADARSAT Constellation from Vandenberg AFB
In addition, the Dragon's stage one plowed back through the fog, accompanied by a sonic boom, and landed securely on SpaceX's Landing...
A New Fuel for Satellites Is So Safe It Won't Blow Up Humans
Hydrazine is a volatile fuel that will ruin your day—and perhaps your life—if you’re exposed to it. AFM-315, on the other hand, is less toxic than caffeine,
A Novel Tilting Satellite Dispenser Designed and Built by RUAG Space Proves Itself in the Radarsat Constellation Mission
This Dispenser system connected the spacecraft to the launcher and ensured safe separation in orbit using a first-of-its-kind tilting mechanism...
Russia Goes Orange... Sovcomflot's Arctic Fleet Depends on Orange Business Services Maritime VSAT Solution 
will keep the ships connected even when operating on the high seas, improving safety and optimizing navigation in challenging conditions.
U.S. Marines Now Fielding MUOS SATCOM System
Fielded in the first quarter of 2019, the Mobile User Objective System provides satellite communication capabilities to mobile or stationary...
CPI Tech Helps to Bring Intellian a Satellite Technology of the Year Award
CPI provided Ka-band solid state amplifiers for the v240MT program. In addition to being selected for its products’ reliability, CPI was chosen for...
SSPI Membership Elects the Organization's Board of Directors ... Six New Directors
The Space & Satellite Professionals International was founded in the USA in 1983 with a purpose to serve as a professional network for a young...
Forrester Reports: Losing Money is Apparently Not of Concern for Bezos' Project Kuiper
Bezos pulled no punches, telling delegates that Amazon was prepared to lose billions of dollars in capital expenditure. 
GigaSat and Inmarsat Provide Canadian Armed Forces with Satellite Terminals In Record Time
While the usual time period for supplying such an order is in the region of six to nine months, the DND terminals were built and delivered in just six weeks.