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Current Satellite News
June 5th, 2019
C-COM's NexGen Flyaway and Manpack Systems Garners $4 Million in Orders
collaborating with a research team at the University of Waterloo, on the development of an electronically steerable, Ka-band flat panel antenna
China's Success of First Offshore Rocket from a Mobile Launch Platform
The launch site is flexible and falling rocket remains pose less danger. Using civilian ships to launch rockets at sea would lower launch costs and give it a 
Arianespace Readies Dual Passengers AT&T T-16 and EUTELSAT-7C for Upcoming Ariane 5 Launch
Both are telecommunications relay platforms for operation by long-time Arianespace customers: AT&T, which provides mobile, broadband, video ...
NGMN Alliance and ESOA Explore Synergies Between Satellite and Terrestrial Technologies
This co-operation agreement brings together two recognized industry organizations in the field of 5G cellular and satellite networks,
Paddlewheel Riverboats Gain Broadband Connectivity Via FMC Globalsat Comms Solution
The system is currently operational aboard the flagship vessel American Queen and is being be deployed aboard the American Duchess, American...
Major Stratollite Tech Accomplishment for World View
This mission moves World View one step closer to scaled commercial operations and productization of the Stratollite and the unique data sets it ...
Russia Launches Its Most Powerful Telecom Satellite
Dogged by a string of failures and quality control concerns in 2006-2015, Protons will be phased out and replaced by Angara rockets over the next decade.
Critical Hardware for JAXA's HTV-X Spacecraft to be Supplied by Sierra Nevada Corporation
HTV-X is the advanced version of H-II Transfer Vehicle (HTV).  The spacecraft will provide supplies to the KibÅ
The Launch Abort Motor for NASA's Orion Spacecraft Shipped to Kennedy Space Center by Northrop Grumman
The abort motor is a key component of the LAS, which provides an enhancement in spaceflight safety for astronauts. The shipment of the abort...
China Set to Launch New Amateur Satellite with “Sail Ball” Stabilization
CAMSAT said many students are now members, “learning Amateur Radio satellite communication and experience[ing] endless fun.”
The First Iridium® GMDSS Terminal is Recognized as Second Ever Sat Provider for This Critical Service
first to be offered after the International Maritime Organization recognizes Iridium as just the second-ever satellite provider for this critical service.
Satellite Image Analysis is Automated and Sped Up by Lockheed Martin
Global Automated Target Recognition runs in the cloud. Fast GPU’s let GATR scan a large area very quickly, while deep learning methods...