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Current Satellite News
May 14th, 2019
SpaceX's Starlink Satellites Could Make Space a Minefield ... Kessler Syndrome
according to the MIT Technology Review, proposed mega-constellations like Starlink will result in 67,000 potential collisions per year.
Rocket Lab to Launch Rideshare Mission for Spaceflight
The mission is Rocket Lab’s seventh Electron launch overall and the company’s third for 2019, continuing Rocket Lab’s average monthly launch ...
Forrester Reports: SES Demos 8K Via Satellite During the Company's Industry Days Event
The 8K content, with 7680×4320 pixels at 50 frames/s, is encoded by Spin Digital using its HEVC encoder at a bit-rate of 70 Mb/s for broadcast-grade...
One-Stop Video Production and Contribution Solution to be Showcased at SES Industry Days 2019
The end-to-end video production and contribution solution will integrate BCE’s StudioTalk and MX1’s OU Flex solution, with video production...
Impressive Milestone of 10,000 Cumulative Years on Orbit by BAE Systems' Radiation-Hardened Electronics
computers command Mars rover terrestrial operations...direct guidance, navigation and control for satellites, including telemetry, health, and status  info
The NAOS Satellite to be Launched Via a Vega-C Rocket
Designed to meet governmental and military needs, NAOS, a high-resolution satellite, will provide global coverage, thanks to the satellite's...
ESA and GomSpace to Tackle and Improve the Most Critical Areas of Smallsat Systems and Subsystems
will tackle the most critical technology areas that could enable the use of small satellites for a science mission with a launch date as early as 2028.
Honeywell Rides to Success On Their JetWave™ with Gilat’s Taurus IFC Modem to Deploy in  China  
aero-modem will enable Honeywell to offer the JetWave within territories and  to roam in-and-out of territories where Gilat’s ground network is deployed.
Russia's Fourth Blagovest Military Satellite Launch Originally Set for May Now Pushed to July
Earlier reports said that the launch of the fourth Blagovest satellite was planned for the first quarter of 2019 but was later postponed to the first...
Raytheon Starts Their Global Installation of GPS OCX Modernized Monitoring Station Receivers
The modernized receivers will measure and monitor legacy military and civilian signals sent by the current GPS satellite constellation plus the new...