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Current Satellite News
July 26th, 2018
Comtech Telecommunications' Contract with the Brazilian Military ... US$1.5 Million for Satellite System Spares
“Comtech is proud to be a major supplier to the Brazilian air traffic control system.
Iridium® NEXT's Next-to-Last Batch of Satellites for the Constellation are Launched
This has been a marathon, not a sprint, and the end is in sight, after a successful launch today of the seventh batch of Iridium NEXT satellites.
SIA at Senate Subcommittee Stresses Importance of Satellite Broadband Services and Cooperative 5G Environment 
operators will have the ability to reach speeds of up to a gigabit per second and simultaneously process a terabit of data per second.
Kleos Space Will Guard Borders and Save Lives with GomSpace's Supply of Nanosatellites
GomSpace's nanosatellites will help Kleos Space guard borders, protect assets and save lives.
ND SatCom Provides Missionary Endeavors in Peru with SKYWAN Satellite Network
Through strong personal commitment, generous donors, and the support of the Peruvian government, Dr. John has built in a rural, impoverished region...
IMT and Vislink Prepping Product for Display @ IBC 2018
IMT and Vislink will be displaying a wide array of leading edge wireless camera transmitters and satellite solutions
New Funding for LeoLabs Enables LEO's Protection from Threat of Small Debris  
Approximately 250,000 dangerous pieces of orbital debris remain untracked in LEO and threaten satellite constellations.
Capricorn Space Procures Australian Ground Segment Infrastructure Licenses
Capricorn Space will now finalize site and infrastructure selection with plans to initiate commercial service in early 2019. Initial sites will be established...
ESA's Important Role in the Galileo Constellation and Their Big Picture Mission that is Almost Complete
“Galileo is ESA’s largest ever satellite constellation, built up to its present size in rapid time, with 22 Full Operational Capability satellites added
Copernicus Sentinel-3 Reveals Dramatic Color Changes Resulting from the European Heat Wave
the Copernicus Sentinel-3 mission reveals once again how the color of the area's vegetation has changed in just one month.