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July 25th, 2018
Arianespace's Successful Launch of Another Four Galileo Satellites for the European Space Agency
Israel said "Things are moving in the right direction," as the Ariane 5 achieved its targeted circular orbit more than 14,000 miles above Earth,
It's a G'day for Australia's Outback as Telstra Selects Gilat's Backhaul to Expand 4G Mobile Service
working with one of the world’s leading telecommunications service providers, and pleased to deliver 4G cellular backhauling at LTE speeds,
NASA's Mission to Touch the One Million Degrees Fahrenheit Sun 
an object launched from Earth travels around the Sun at the same speed as Earth, 18.5 miles per second, so an object has to travel incredibly quickly 
SpaceX Launches NEXT 10 Iridium Satellites ... Only One More Launch to Go
from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, this was the seventh of eight launches for Iridium NEXT's constellation, replacing the 66 satellite network. 
Aireon's ADS-B Payload Gains Space with Iridium NEXT's Successful Satellites Launch by SpaceX
According to the company, upon completion of the new network, the Aireon system will enable never-before possible capabilities for air navigation...
Water to Push Satellites Into Orbit — That's the Plan by Momentus Space and Partner ECM Space
Momentus’ revolutionary water plasma propulsion technologies and spacecraft platforms with high ∆V capabilities will enable ECM clients to ...
The 25th Episode of Kratos' Constellations Podcast Just Released
The guest for this event was Susan Bull, Sr. Consultant with COMSYS, the world’s foremost VSAT consultancy. Susan shared her thoughts on the...
No Need to Access the Satellite with AtlanTecRF's Satellite Simulator System's Loop-Back Test
Comprised of two units, this new Satellite Simulator (RSS Series) is portable thereby facilitating the testing and calibration of terminals off-satellite.
Viasat's ID/IQ Contract Through SPAWAR Valued Up to US$85.5 Million from U.S. Government
sole source award to deliver enhanced Link 16 capability to U.S. and allied forces that reflects the U.S. Government's commitment to maintaining the
Outer Space Getting Closer?
Until now, most scientists have said that outer space is 100 kilometers away. At that point, it’s been thought, the speed needed to achieve lift in the...