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Current Satellite News
July 10th, 2018
Strategic Investment Agreement Signed between LeoSat and Hispasat
Combining advanced on-board routers with inter-satellite laser links, LeoSat is creating an optical backbone in space, providing fiber-like low-latency and...
Globecomm Brings Their Maritime VSAT Experience to Briese Schiffahrts
Briese is undertaking a program of fleet renewal, constructing a series of eight ‘Open Top Eco 5000’ multi-purpose vessels, designed to consume 30 percent less fuel...
Telesat and Gilat's Project Will Develop Broadband Communication Modem Technology for Low Earth Orbit Satellites
the benefits that a satellite broadband experience can deliver to billions of potential users worldwide who live beyond the reach of fiber networks.
Thales Alenia Space and SwRI's MOU to Develop a Balloon Airship, the Stratobus™
Stratobus™ is a complement to satellite systems as it offers the advantage of carrying out its missions without needing an expensive launch vehicle.
The 10th Anniversary of the Student Rocket Launch STEM Program to be Celebrated by ULA and Ball Aerospace
Open to the general public, the 2018 Student Rocket Launch will be held on July 14 at Lake Meredith, Colorado, and marks the culmination of work by...
Harris Contracted to Enhance the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency's Geospatial Data Services
Harris will create, manage and disseminate high-quality geospatial-intelligence (GEOINT) information for use by the U.S. intelligence...
New Date Announced by iridium for the 7th NEXT Mission Launch
This updated schedule comes after SpaceX informed Iridium that more time was needed to prepare the rocket for launch. Iridium NEXT is the...
Satellite Technology Demonstration and Exhibition Organized by SIA
Tom Stroup, President of SIA, said that satellites deliver communications, broadband, imaging and remote sensing data, television entertainment...
Israel's Rush to the Moon by December 2019 will be the Fourth Country to Succeed
The Israeli lunar spacecraft will be the smallest to land on the moon, weighing only 1,322 pounds, or 600 kilograms.
China Launches Another Beidou Navigation Satellite that Rivals U.S.' GPS System
After the launch of the Beidou program, the United States banned exports of rubidium clocks to China.
Aerojet Rocketdyne Demos a 24 Hour Turnaround of Their AR-22 Engine
The highly anticipated test sequence was carried out as part of the collaboration between Boeing [NYSE:BA] and the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) on...