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January 3rd, 2018
UPDATE: Secret Payload Mission Now Scheduled for a Friday Launch by SpaceX
The push to orbit will occur at Space Launch Complex 40 at Cape Canaveral AFS in Florida and will be the first mission to gain space for ...
China's Ambitious 2018 Agenda Includes 35 Launches and Mission to Far Side of Moon 
The ambitious target reflects multiple expanding space programs, a growing commercial space sector and
mu Space a Startup Company is Starting Ambitious Plans for $9.2 Million in 2018
"Currently, Blue Origin, SpaceX and Virgin Galactic are leading the space tourism industry. However, none of them is based in Asia."
Maxar Technologies Names Mike Greenley as MDA's Group President
Reporting to the CEO of Maxar, his responsibilities will include all of the MDA lines of business and its 1,900 employees. Primary locations include ...
ISRO's Reports from Multi-Talented Resourcesat-2A After First Year in Orbit  
India, with nearly 3.3 million sq.km. geographical area, is endowed with natural resources such as forests, crop lands, water resources, minerals,
Nigeria's NigComSat Agency Signs on with China for Two Satellites
Shittu said that NICOMSAT is one of Nigeria's agencies where the hope is to procure two new satellites from China. Initially the agreement was that...
SATCOM in the Works for Indian Railways
By year-end, all 10,800 locos of the railways will have antennas fixed on them and they will be monitored inside the drivers cabin, senior officials of ...
xG Technology Delivers IMT Vislink HCAM, World’s First 4K UHD Wireless Camera Systems
This reflects an increase for demand of the systems that began ...