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Current Satellite News
September 20th, 2017
Telesat Signs Long Term Contract with Bell Canada for All of Telstar 19 VANTAGE HTS Capacity Over Northern Canada
Once operational, Telstar 19 VANTAGE will have six distinct coverages over the Americas and North Atlantic and the most capacity in Gbps of any...
Carried to the Cape: EchoStar-105/SES-11 Satellite
The first satellite that EchoStar has constructed with manufacturer Airbus, EchoStar-105/SES-11 will be launched by SpaceX on a flight-proven Falcon 9...
Iridium®'s 10 Satellites are Packed and Ready for NEXT Launch
this launch continues the ambitious deployment pace for the Iridium NEXT program, set to launch a total of 75 satellites on SpaceX Falcon 9 rockets.
ArianeGroup and CNES Confirm Cooperative Plans Towards Common Goals 
An agreement that brings companies closer together, to collaborate towards a common goal, strengthens both and is a positive step. 
So Far So Good ... ULA Ready to Roll With NROL-42 Launch for National Security 
The mission, for the National Reconnaissance Office, is set to lift off on a ULA Atlas V rocket ...
Telecom Network to be Developed by ND SatCom for Bolivian Air Defence and Civil Air Traffic Management
Applications in this complex network design require several traffic classes (from radar to other IP tunnel-based services with guaranteed metrics)...
Satellite Data Exchange Deal Signed 'Tween Vietnam and Japan
The pact aims to assist the DataCube program in Vietnam, which is an Earth Observation-satellite database used for the development of other ...
NSR Reports — An Entire World on the Ground
With ~150x times more shipments than any other vertical, satTV is the clear driver for volume. Consequently, STBs dominate 50% of the 10 year ...
Advanced Aerospace Machining Facility Opened by SAS Manufacturing in Colorado
SAS supports the entire program lifecycle for aerospace clients by providing strategic services during the proposal phase followed by...
IEC Telecom Group Restructures to Better Address Maritime Markets
In conjunction with this reorganization, the board of directors has appointed Dominique Audion Group COO (Chief Operational Officer) Middle-East and Asia and Gwenaël Loheac, Group COO Europe...
Topaz Energy and Marine Go Orange for Maritime Connect Solutions
The Orange Maritime Connect platform incorporates multiple connections including VSAT, L-Band terminals, 3G/4G and Wi-Fi.
GomSpace Secures MARS2 Project with Infusion from Innovation Fund Denmark
develop unique technology, production capability and products to enable high bandwidth communication applications of nano satellites.