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August 23rd, 2017
Satellite Innovation Symposium — Complete and Impressive List of Speakers Finalized
View the complete list of subject-matter experts who are the confirmed speakers for the Satellite Innovation Symposium...
U.S.A.F. and Orbital ATK Establish an August 25 Launch Date for the ORS-5 Satellite
At $87.5 million ($49 million satellite, $11.3 million ground system, $27.2 million launch), the ORS-5 satellite will operate from a low inclination orbit...
Russia's Roscosmos Forecasts a Possibility of 25 Launches in 2017
In 2016, Roscosmos conducted only 17 space launches, putting Russia in third place after the US and China for the first time in the past few years.
World Satellite Business Week - Where the global satellite communications and information business comes to do business
A top-level program brings 130+ Presidents, CEOs and other top-level executives to the conference, with a further 850 executives in attendance, all representing 52 countries and 300 companies.
Kratos’ satID® 3.20 Has the Capability to Combat VSAT Interference with TDMA Network Geolocation
Operators are able to identify the specific terminals causing interference and pinpoint their exact location to rapidly address quality of service issues.
BAE Systems Debuts RAD5545™ Space Computer
The new RAD5545™ single-board computer (SBC) provides next-generation spacecraft with the high-performance onboard processing...
Alaska Airlines It's a Go for Gogo's Inflight Wi-Fi Service for Boeing and Airbus Fleet
Gogo's broadband 2Ku service provides the significantly faster connection speed needed to stream content from services like Netflix, Hulu, and HBO...
ICEYE Clearly Sees $13M in Additional Financing to Develop SAR Mircosatellite Constellation
SAR microsatellites can be used in the maritime industry to follow port traffic, in the oil industry to detect oil spills or by the government to monitor ... 
More Million$ for Helios Wire
The funds from this round of financing will be put toward the launch of the company's first satellite this Christmas, as well as the two other satellites...
 Advantech Wireless' Focus on Latin America with New VP of Sales
 they are very pleased to be able to combine their decades of long record of quality and support with Eduardo’s track record of success in the region.
UltiSat Part of German 'Team Envistacom' Supplying U.S. Army SATCOM Operations and Maintenance
help Envistacom and subcontractors provide communications links for deployed U.S. Army and Joint Forces in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
Advantech Wireless and Sevis Develop Intelligent Backhaul Optimization into Satellite Terminals
To be showcased at IBC 2017,  Sevis IBO integration within Advantech Wireless’ ASAT II™ Hubs and U7400-C2 / C4 terminals aim to make the...