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January 7th, 2017
2017's SmallSat Symposium Simply Scintillating in Silicon Valley
With a new venue, the introduction of four new workshops and numerous new sessions those attending will be light years ahead of their small sat competitors.
A NASA and JPL Metallic Missions calls upon SSL for the platform
This mission is to research the 210 km diameter asteroid, which is believed to be the only place in the solar system where a metal planetary core can be studied.
Russia's Siberian Extreme... Creates World's First Satellite from a 3D Printer
...dynamic modeling, along with 3D printing, allow developers to reduce the satellite's weight, give it strong characteristics and resist vibration.
Message From a Galaxy Far, Far Away ...Bursts From a Dwarf
Although they last just milliseconds, the radio blasts can emit as much power as 500 million Suns.