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Current Satellite News
September 9th, 2016
Hughes Adds Bounties To Their JUPITER System
The 2gen JUPITER System adds new capabilities that boost satellite service providers ROI by raising the performance of consumer, business and mobility apps to new levels.
Airbus Defence & Space PerúSAT-1 Coming To A Vega Launcher With September 16th In Mind
PerúSAT-1 is based on the highly flexible, compact AstroBus-S platform.
UPDATE: On The IBC2016 Show Floor... Kratos' Product Parade & Their New Monics Enterprise
The Kratos presentations will feature new SATCOM capabilities that were developed to help assure the quality of broadcast operations.
GAO Recommends NOAA Ensure Timelines Are Accurate, Clear & Fully Documented... Oops!
These charts are used to support budget requests, provide status reports, facilitate appropriations discussions with congressional committees, and inform the public.
On The IBC2016 Show Floor... Advantech Wireless Has SSPA/BUC Moments For Attendees
The firm has now launched their new series of Ka-Band GaN-based SSPAs/BUCs.
Pursuing V-Nova's PERSEUS Is Eutelsat
Eutelsat and V-Nova also plan to enter into a commercial partnership focused on satellite video transmission markets
Yle Goes With ND SatCom For SNG
ND SatCom SKYRAY antenna will be used for Yle’s SNG live content gathering across Scandinavia and Europe.
Partnership Expansion For AsiaSat With FRANCE 24
FRANCE 24 has selected the AsiaSat 5 satellite for the recent launch of their first HD service in the world.
SES Signs Globecast For More Than One Transponder On SES-5
The multi-year agreement will provide Globecast with the use of more than one transponder on the SES satellite.
UPDATE: On The IBC2016 Show Floor... DataPath Offers A MaxView Manifestation & PIM Pickup For Man Portable
MaxView Enterprise will display information through all web screens in each individual user’s choice of more than 100 languages.
On The IBC2016 Show Floor... MX1 To Transform, Accelerate & Globalize
MX1’s new senior management team includes members of SPS management as well as RR Media.
Big Doings Ahead For Thuraya
The company will extend their geographical reach, move into new market sectors and launch new services and devices.
Fourteen Billion For FSS By 2025, According To Euroconsult
Euroconsult forecasts that traffic carried over satellite will reach close to 3.5 Tbps by 2025.
On The IBC2016 Show Floor... Dialog Between Newtec & Arabsat Highly Fruitful
Three return technologies are featured—MF-TDMA, SCPC and Newtec’s unique Mx-DMA®.
General Raymond To Head Air Force Space Command
He will succeed General John Hyten in this position.
On The IBC2016 Show Floor... VSAT Transceiver/Router From Advantech Wireless On Display
The ultra-compact all-outdoor Ka-8200 VSAT transceiver-router features technological advancements.
Tangerine & UHP Networks Combine Forces For VSAT Network Roll-Out
The network operates over the Intelsat EpicNG® platform and uses the latest high throughput satellite (HTS)-ready VSAT technology from UHP Networks.
Newtec Has A Lot Of K-LOVE
Newtec Dialog hubs at two locations will multiplex EMF’s outbound radio signal, which can be received by standard, commercial off-the-shelf Integrated Receiver Decoders (IRDs) as well as VSAT modems.
Iridium's Edge Entrance
The Iridium Edge can work side by side with land-based cellular devices to provide asset management and vehicle tracking.
A Trio Of Demos From SES Reveal Mastery Of UHD
One demo will broadcast the UHD HDR test channel with content produced by LG Electronics that was launched in May during SES’s annual Industry Days.
Paradigm's PIM Power
The PIM uses the Paradigm Location Sensor (PLS) to allow terminals to be easily and quickly pointed without a spectrum analyzer.