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August 20th, 2015
Hurricane Forecasting To Improve With NASA's CYGNSS
"We are now in the last phase of the mission prior to launch and the beginning of a new era in hurricane observations."—Chris Ruf, CYGNSS principal investigator, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.
Off Through The Wild Blue Arianespace Chalks-Up A Successful Mission Number 81 ... Deploys EUTELSAT 8 West B + Intelsat 34
An “on the numbers” Ariane 5 success for two long-time Arianespace customers: Eutelsat and Intelsat.
Airbus Defence And Space Proudly Hails Their 67th Successful Ariane 5 Launch
“The fourth launch in 2015 once again highlights the expertise the Airbus Defence and Space teams and their industrial partners have developed with the Ariane 5 launcher,”
ESA Reports On Ariane 5's Fourth Launch Of 2015 From Europe's Spaceport ... Kourou, French Guiana
 It will provide HD and Ultra HD direct-to-home TV broadcast services to the Middle East and North Africa, and telecommunications services in Africa and the eastern part of South America.
Thales Alenia Space Is Proud Program Prime Contractor At Launch Of EUTELSAT 8 West B 
 EUTELSAT 8 West B will bolster Eutelsat’s in-orbit capacity to meet strong market demand for video services from these positions.
DataMiner From Skyline Communications Reaches CSI Awards Finals
“Delivering services across hybrid network technologies has never been this easy and efficient."—Steven Soenens, Product Marketing Director, Skyline Communications.
That Sinking Feeling Due To The Drought In California Verified Via NASA / JPL Satellite Subsistence Data
New NASA data shows the sinking is happening faster, putting infrastructure on the surface at growing risk of damage.
ETL Systems New Friend... Telefonica... Switches To ETL’s Vortex L-Band Switch Matrix
The Vortex matrix will be supplied as an expansion ready system, meaning that it can be easily expanded as Telefonica’s RF switching requirements grow. 
Sierra Nevada Corporation... Sunny Side Up As Solar Array Design, Test and Production Capability Expands 
... a turnkey system for the STPSat-5 satellite that includes: solar array wings, hinges, hold-down mechanisms, solar array drive and integrated slip ring for 360 degrees of continuous rotation...
According To Berg Insight, Expect 1.25 Million M2M Devices In O&G By 2019
“In 2014, M2M solutions in the oil & gas market experienced very healthy growth levels before slowing down at the end of the year when oil prices reached half of previous levels.”—Johan Svanberg, Sr. Analyst, Berg Insight.
Sky Sports Kicks Up A New Plan ... 300 Live Matches Of La Liga 
"For the first time, we’ll have over 300 live matches through TV, interactive and digital platforms."
2015 IoT Security Conference Reminder ... Early Bird Rates Fly Away Tomorrow, Friday, August 21st
...is the first event of its kind to focus on the key security and privacy issues about IoT and  challenges with the increasing amount of connected devices and appliances.
Nexusguard + Cybersecurity Ventures Report Risks w/LoT Devices Now More Connections To The Internet
These vulnerable devices can be exploited during software updates and used as launch proxy servers that can be targeted at businesses which are then extorted for monetary payment.
PTC'16 Reimagining Telecoms ... Aloha! Great Topics, Meet, Greet + Keep Warm In January
What happens as free apps replace formerly profitable services and free transport services replace paid carrier services?
NSR’s Satellite-Based Earth Observation, 7th Edition ... NSR Does A Critical Observation Of Earth Observation Market
Bottom Line: How does NSR see the Satellite-based Earth Observation market develop and evolve in the next 10 years for each region and for each vertical and type of data?