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December 14th, 2014
The NRO + ULA's Atlas V Launches NROL-35's Eye Spy In The Sky For National Defense
Rain may have caused a delay, but this most powerful Atlas ever launched from California is now out of sight..
ILS Successfully Launches Yamal-401 For Russian Telecommunications 
An early Monday morning launch from Baikonur
Einstein's Theory Of Relativity To Be Put to The Test By Airbus D&S
Airbus Defence and Space is creating a “super clock” for the European Space Agency (ESA) that comprises two atomic clocks as well as laser and microwave links to the Earth.
Space-Based Observation Instrument From SwRI To Be Shown @ American Geophysical Union's Event
"SSIPP uses a classic, two-stage pointing system similar to larger spacecraft, but in this case the first stage is a pilot who initially steers the instrument..."—SwRI Systems Engineer Jed Diller.
Competing In The APAC Mobile Markets Focus of WTA + NewSat @ PTC'15 Event
The opportunity for satellite capacity is clear. However, how can managed service providers best seize the opportunities created by demand for mobile services?