Current Satellite News
February 28th, 2017
Number nine for Vega has Arianespace now engaging in launch readiness review...
Sentinel-2B is the fourth satellite in the Copernicus program to be orbited by Arianespace...
L-2 Review... ULA Ready to Rock NROL-79 for National Reconnaissance Office Mission
“The Atlas V launch carrying the NROL-79 satellite for the National Reconnaissance Office is confirmed on the Western Range for March 1.”
Spacecom's 4 degrees West "Hot Spot" gains AMOS-7 satellite that is fully now fully operational
Co-located with AMOS-3, AMOS-7 is replacing the AMOS-2 satellite that is reaching the end of life...
Intelsat, among others, eyeing a OneWeb grab, thanks to SoftBank involvement
SoftBank Group Corporation is purported to be in discussions with Intelsat to bring OneWeb into their company fold on condition that...
Satellite Interference Reduction Group's Workshop Alongside Satellite 2017 and CABSAT
“Interference costs the satellite industry a great deal, especially in terms of the manpower needed to solve issues when they arise,”
nbn's shift to SkyMuster II is underway in Australia
The company is working with retail providers and delivery partners to help improve the installation process.
Frontier testing 4K Ultra HD on the SES satellite distribution platform
SES’s managed Ultra HD platform is delivered over dedicated satellite bandwidth...
Paradigm's Swarm45 terminal now has Global Xpress worldwide coverage
The lightweight Swarm45 can be setup and operational in under five minutes...
China's Fengyun-4 delivers first round of imagery and data + Shijian-13 set to go in April
The published images were obtained by the multi-channel scanning imagery radiometer and the atmospheric sounding interferometer...
Watch the Bird.i... and Airbus provide easy access to fresh Earth Observation imagery
... to serve the freshest possible images to its clients for mass consumption of instantaneously accessible ‘image views’.
Conquer low-power measurement challenges with Keysight app notes
Use familiar bench instruments to maximize the battery life of your devices.